Ingram Micro Partner Marketing Program Revolutionizing Cloud Demand Generation

Everything you need to market and grow your cloud business - all from one platform, at no cost.

The Ingram Micro Partner Marketing Program (PMP) is a revolutionary marketing program designed to generate demand, drive new leads and accelerate revenue for our Cloud resellers. The PMP simplifies marketing by consolidating all of the content, tools and resources you need to one user-friendly platform - and it’s all free!

Now you can easily access, customize and execute integrated campaigns to bring your customers the latest solutions from leading cloud vendors.

Content to grow your cloud business

Access and easily customize ready made campaigns for all of the cloud vendors you represent, and explore new cloud solutions for your customers.

  • Manage your marketing with multi-vendor portals
  • Launch ready-made campaigns instantly
  • Co-brand campaigns automatically
  • Customize with easy-to-edit templates
  • Access a searchable asset library
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Developing quality marketing content is time consuming and expensive. That's why experts at Ingram teamed with your leading vendors to create a rich library of ready made campaigns and easily customizable content. You’ll have the option to work with a marketing concierge to review, select and customize campaigns, or simply login to your account and start marketing.


Tools to reach more customers & nurture relationships

Leverage industry - leading channel marketing automation technology and a suite of digital marketing tools to execute multi-touch campaigns and engage more customers. Then track campaign success and lead status while managing customer relationships - all with a free CRM.

  • Upgrade your marketing with leading channel marketing technology
  • Employ 10+ digital marketing tactics
  • Receive a free CRM & lead management system
  • Gain real-time campaign analytics
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Powered by the industry’s leading channel marketing software, StructuredWeb, the PMP provides you with cutting-edge channel marketing automation and free, lifetime access to OpusCRM. Easily execute successful marketing campaigns, generate and manage leads, and convert opportunities into closed orders. Capitalize on all the benefits of a leading CRM and channel marketing automation system without the recurring cost!


Dedicated marketing expertise and support

Limited marketing resources? No problem. We provide a multitude of support resources, including dedicated marketing concierge services, to help you execute campaigns quickly and successfully.

  • Receive customized care with marketing concierge
  • Personalize programs easily
  • Get help with 24/7 live chat coverage
  • Access a robust online support library
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When you join the Ingram Cloud PMP, you’ll be assigned a dedicated digital marketing consultant to help you plan, execute and track your campaigns. Your concierge will also help familiarize you with the PMP platform so you can execute autonomously, whenever you’d like. With just a few simple steps, your campaigns will be running and leads will be flowing!


100% data security & privacy

Ingram Micro Cloud PMP is made available to you at no cost by sponsorship from Ingram Micro’s leading Cloud vendors. At no time are these vendors, or any other third party, able to access to your customer list, employees, leads and/or any other data ran through the platform. All of your data is kept 100% private and secure on our servers.

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